Gloria Ezeala

Gloria Ezeala the author of “Making Marriage Amazing” and “Just Before You Break Up” has been a marriage counsellor for more than 15 years with a certificate in leadership from Salem Business School in affiliation to John Maxwell. She is married to Mr Dominic Ezeala and blessed with 4 beautiful kids.

Seeing couples enjoy their marriage has been my passion for many years, little wonder my time and resources have been greatly invested into helping lots of  singles and young couples make the right decision concerning their marriage. Testimonies from those I have been privileged to counsel is one of the major driving force that has propelled me to continue along this path. You can follow me to get daily tips and great content that can help your marriage become amazing.

What Some Say About Gloria

Evang. Gloria Ezeala is a phenomenal woman who has gone the extra mile to grace planet earth with a master piece called “Making Marriage Amazing”.

She is a seasoned relationship coach that has been able to succinctly capture many truths about marriage in her debut and wonderful book “Making Marriage Amazing”

It is worthy of note that this book is an indispensable companion, a
good reference material to people as individuals continue to search in earnest for preventive measures to check marriage problems, improve and sustain marriages, while making marriages beautiful in the 21st Century.

 Let me allow you dig deep into the book.

Onyemelukwe Ifeoma Mabel PhD,

Professor of French and African Literature in French (Zaria Nigeria).