Get him to propose in less than 3 months

As a young damsel who has gotten to the phase of her life where marriage is now permissible, one of your heart desires amongst many others is to settle down with the man of your dreams. However, your approach towards marriage when you are nearing 30 changes totally. A lot of ladies at this point get so desperate to ‘find’ a man rather than a man finding them according to proverb 18 vs 22 that says “He who finds a wife…”.

The Secrets To Having A "Forever I Do"

Congratulations young couple! 

You have just crossed the first hurdle in marriage. Now you are married what next? I can tell that you are really excited about your new status “Mr” “Mrs” “Husband” “Wife” right? You just can’t get over the feeling of being finally married to the love of you life. Yeah Yeah! I can imagine too. I don’t mean to be a messenger of bad news but are you aware this newly acquired status can change overnight to “ex-husband” “estranged wife” etc if you don’t thread with caution? I’ld tell you why shortly.

Just Before You Break Up

Hey Lovebird!

I know this may not be the best time to exchange warm pleasantries. Your mind is probably thinking of ways to call it quit with your once-upon-a-time sweetheart. I may not be in your exact shoes right now but what I do know, is that I have also experienced something quite close to what you are currently experiencing. Yeah! 

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