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Making Marriage Amazing

Making Marriage Amazing is a book that ex-rays some important marriage problems and proffers solutions. Furthermore, it gives hints on how to make successful and happy marriages, on how to sustain one’s marriage and on how to make it beautiful.

The book "Making Marriage Amazing" will undoubtedly help the singles to grasp the fundamental knowledge about marriage and will also help debunk unrealistic fictions which has perhaps destroyed many homes. 

Married couples can as well get this book so as to reconnect with God in the purpose of marriage and to have a forever I do.

Japhet Nnanyereugo

Just Before You Break Up

Just before you get to that junction where you both agree to part ways…

Just before you split the kids and go separate ways, never to return again…

Just before you sign that divorce paper…

How about you spare few hours to digest every word from this master piece?